Let's get started... by Jamie Dahlum

So, I started this little blog as a place to capture my daily life.  Hopefully, it'll be interesting for some of you out there and if not then it'll be a place for family and friends to keep up with what's going on.  Drop me a note if there's something you like or even if there's something you hate.  

I'm a hugely passionate guy with three kids, one boy and two girls, and very wide interest in life.  Yep, I'm one of those type-A personalities always in pursuit of the better life but sometimes life has a way of letting you know who's in charge, right? I mean just look at those little guys up there.  Damn, I wish they were still that small!  

You'll read about my adventures as a dad, my fascination with cooking, cocktails, coffee, running, cycling, traveling, and basically anything else I have the courage to share.  Sometimes it'll be serious, sometimes it'll be fun, and sometimes it'll even be sad but at the end of the day it'll just be me.

I just turned 40 this year and while I didn't expect it to be profound, it did change my perspective on things a little bit and for the first time in my life I sort of feel like me, the real version.  You know what they say about a fine wine, right?  So, let's see how this all works out...